About Designor Buddy

Designor Buddy is actually an "OpenOffice Draw" file. OpenOffice Draw is one of several programs in the OpenOffice suite. To say OpenOffice is like saying Microsoft Office. Microsoft has "Word," OpenOffice has "Writer." Microsoft has Excel, OpenOffice has "Calc" and so forth.

"Draw" is a drawing program that works as an excellent landscape designing program because of it's many necessary features. Examples of such features would be the "scale" which gives the ability to make your drawings 1"=6' or 1"=8' or 1"=20' (whatever you need), and "Layers," which gives you the means to place your mulch on one level, add plants to another, and say, a patio on another. Now you can move the plants around without fear of moving the mulch or patio, for example.

These are just two of many reasons "Draw" works well as a landscape design program. Best of all, it's totally free! What I have done is to set up the file "Designor Buddy" and made it landscape design friendly, ready to use, complete with instructions and landscape images such as plants, outdoor tables, ponds and more. This is totally free as well.

Now go produce some beautiful colored landscape plans and enjoy!